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Group Training Classes

At Reset Fitness we’ve designed a number of classes for people at all levels. If you want to go far, we’ll get you there. Or if you just want to lose weight and keep active, we have the class for you. Pick and choose the classes that you like, when it best fits your schedule. Book your spot now in our next sweatfest.



A state of great activity.

Monday - Friday

6am, 7am, 12.10pm

Functional classes designed to help you develop courage and self-belief. This 40min cardio based functional class will encourage you to push yourself to your limits, achieve goals you set for yourself all while embracing what your body is capable of.



A state of persistent routine.

Monday - Friday

6am, 7am, 12.10pm

Functional classes designed to help you develop perseverance and self-control. This 40min resistance based functional class will encourage you to push past mental barriers and create a strong foundation allowing you to move everyday with confidence and ease



Give HiiT a 'WHIRL'

Monday, Tuesday Thursday

4.30pm - 6pm

This ‘drop in’ 30min circuit will get the blood flowing and heart pumping, raising your metabolic heart rate for hours! With a variety exercises, equipment and timings, you’re in for a treat in each session. Start when you are ready and have the support of a trainer throughout.Arrive any stage during the session with any level of fitness and we will ensure you feel comfortable working at your own pace and personal ability.  Last start of the circuit is 6pm





This creative and free flowing hour class will teach you the fundamentals of boxing while getting your heart rate up. This class is worlds apart from your average ‘box fit’ class, with a specialist boxing coach, its fun vibe and power hits - all while learning the sweet science of boxing.

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