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Refresh. Recharge. Refocus

We are a small, boutique gym where you are treated to high quality equipment, fun and movement opportunities.

Here at Reset Fitness we believe in creating a home for physical and mental well-being. We understand the importance of movement to our whole selves and the impact it can have on living a positive life. We have a focus on long term health and wellness that you can sustain. 

We house a variety of movement options including Functional Group classes (Hustle & Grind), Boxing, Yoga and Pilates. We have a team set and ready for Personal Training sessions and/programme creation - or if you know what you want, we have 'Do it Yourself' membership too. 

If this all sounds like a bit of you - get in touch and we can give you the grand tour and a 7-day FREE trial so you can experience all the greatness that is - RESET FITNESS.

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